Crediting Marshall with fertilizer initiative is Greene’s dishonest way of boosting ALP candidate, Wehner says

George Wehner is accusing Minister of Agriculture Paul “Chet “
Greene of having deceived the public by commending his
predecessor, Samantha Marshall, for an imported-fertilizer

The Government recently received several containers of fertilizer
that are expected to be distributed to local farmers.
With a by-election expected soon in the St. Mary’s South
constituency – which Marshall will be contending on the Antigua
Labour Party (ALP) ticket –  Wehner notes that Greene is attempting
to give her a boost by crediting her for the initiative. 

However, says Wehner, the United Progressive Party’s mobilization
officer, the fertilizer-distribution programme actually began during
the Spencer Administration under the stewardship of then
Agriculture Minister Hilson “Brother B” Baptiste.

Given the deception, Wehner says he is curious to find out what else
Green, who is the ALP chairman, has lied about.
Meanwhile, Wehner says the Nation should keep a close eye on the
distribution of the fertilizer.

He points to a farm that is just adjacent to Ras Freeman and which,
he alleges, was operated by a relative of Greene. Accordingly, he
says he will be watching closely to see if most of the fertilizer ends
up there.