Symister says Police can do better with follow-up information on crimes; Urlings fatal-accident details said to be hush-hush

The Police Force needs to do a better job with its public relations-
machinery, says attorney Leon Chaku Symister, noting that it is
failing to share follow-up information on crimes it has reported.
Of late, there have been several instances in which serious crimes
were committed – with no further information from the Police about
the progress of these cases.

Reference was made to the double homicide at a Yeptons rental
property, where two Mexicans, managers at the Royalton Resort,
were shot to death. One body was not discovered immediately,
since it had been submerged in the pool.

There has been no arrest in connection with these murders and no
public updates since that time.

Symister says the situation is unfortunate, but it is also an
interesting pattern that has been taking place in the Police Force for

Although he acknowledges that the Force is under-manned and not
properly equipped, the attorney says the public still has a right to
information on the status of a case.

Citizens and residents must have confidence in the respective
government agencies, Symister says – especially those mandated to
serve and protect them.

Meanwhile, residents have been commenting on the lack of
information from official sources about the fatal car accident in Urlings last Monday, July 3.

One woman says that, apart from the amateur photos and videos
that were circulated on social media, she has not seen or heard
anything from the Police on the matter – not even the name of the
deceased nor the condition of the three men reportedly injured.

Sources tell REAL News that the information is, indeed, being
withheld from the public, reportedly because “certain things”

discovered in the trunk of the wrecked vehicle might be of
significance in several police investigations.