Residents ask whether PM Browne has a vested interest in Crump Island, which, reportedly, he is showing to an investor

Residents are asking questions about Prime Minister Gaston
Browne’s interest in Crump Island, which is part of the holdings of
Chinese investor Yida Zhang.

According to reports, development of the island has been
abandoned since the YIDA project closed shop and the principals
moved on.

However, information reaching REAL News alleges that PM Browne
has been showing the island to a Greek investor in an apparent
attempt to sell the property.

Correspondent George Wehner has been following this development.
Wehner admits that he, too, is curious, to learn whether Browne has
a vested interest in what was once the YIDA development.

In the meantime, Wehner – who is also the United Progressive
Party’s mobilization officer – wants the prime minister to know that
residents are aware of his intentions and that he appears to be
desperate for money.

However, he says, the people will not stand for their patrimony to be
continually sold off to foreign interests.