Director says educators will work with Grade 6 low-scorers and struggling primary-schoolers to ensure all students succeed

Director of Education Clare Browne says that educators cannot let
up in ensuring that students perform at their optimal level; and, so,
there is still much work to be done. 

Browne’s comments follow the release of this year’s Grade Six
National Assessment results, in which 91 percent of the students
earned acceptable grades for promotion to the secondary level.
Additionally, there were improvements in some subject
areas, including math.

Browne says the Ministry of Education believes in the competence
of its teachers and students and, in this system, every student must

Therefore, while the Ministry, teachers, and parents celebrate the 91
percent whose scores were acceptable, he says the 9 percent who
did not do as well cannot be forgotten.

Rather, he assures that educators will continue to work with them in
whichever secondary schools they have been placed.

At the same time, those students who remain in the primary-school
system and are struggling to attain acceptable grades will be
afforded some special attention. 

According to Browne, educators, parents and the wider community
must continue to support all students “so that in the end every
learner succeeds.”