Police warn motorists who obscure vision with windshield stickers that they will be clamping down on this traffic offence

The Police will be clamping down on motorists who place on their
windshields stickers that may result in their vision being obscured.
Reportedly, officers had allowed persons to place personalized or
customized stickers at the top of their windshields in the past.

However, they say that motorists are abusing this privilege and the
issue has worsened, with oversized stickers now being placed in the
bottom areas of the windshields.

As a result, motorists are being cautioned against placing stickers on
their front windshields, since this can obstruct their visibility, which
is considered a traffic offence.

The Traffic Department notes that the Vehicle and Road Traffic
Act prohibits any form of stickers or advertisements on windshields
and side glass.

Therefore, violators are being warned that their vehicles may be
impounded, followed by an inspection at the Antigua and Barbuda
Transport Board.