Quinn-Williams calls for more funding, proactive strategies, and greater police presence to deter crime and youth violence

More needs to be done to curb crime and youth violence in Antigua
and Barbuda, says Pearl Quinn-Williams, the United Progressive
Party (UPP) caretaker for St. John’s Rural North.

Speaking at the rally which followed a protest march on Thursday,
June 22, Quinn-Williams accused the Browne Administration of
failing to fund the relevant agencies and allow them to effectively
fight crime.

Additionally, she says, the Police need to deploy other strategies in
order to reduce criminal activity. Among these, the caretaker
suggests that officers search the backpacks carried by young people
to intercept weapons and illegal drugs.

Quinn-Williams notes that the police are not visible enough, and she
believes that residents should be seeing officers and Defence Force
soldiers all around the country at all hours of the day.