Arab community will lay murdered Syrian businessman Roudi Shmaly to rest today, here in Antigua

Scores of people from the local Syrian and Lebanese communities
are expected to turn out today, Wednesday, June 21, for the funeral
service of businessman Roudi Shmaly. 

Shmaly was shot and killed on Monday, May 22, during a robbery of
his business place. The 25-year-old managed the Pick n Mix Mart
and Chicken Hub enterprises on Desouza Road.

Reports are that the funeral service will be held at The Marcilas
Antiochian Orthodox Church in Blue Waters at 3 p.m., following
which he will be laid to rest in the St. John’s Public Cemetery. 

Reportedly the family opted to have his burial here, since it would
be a complex and costly process to repatriate the body.

A 16-year-old has been arrested and charged for Shmaly’ murder.
He made his first court appearance on May 25 and was remanded to
His Majesty’s Prison for the capital offence.