Symister notes that no supervisor of elections is in place, and by-election in 120 days requires successor to be named soon

If a by-election were to be held in St. Mary’s South, or in any other
constituency, it would be hampered by the fact that a supervisor of
elections is not in place, says Leon Chaku Symister, a spokesperson
on legal matters for the United Progressive Party (UPP).

Dame Lorna Simon – who had the vested authority to oversee
elections, presided over the recent Barbuda Council polls, and then
proceeded on retirement in May. But, to date, Symister points out,
no successor has been named.

He notes that no elections can be conducted without a supervisor
being in place, and the selection has to be done by way of a
Resolution in Parliament.

Symister says the UPP is calling on the authorities to take the
necessary steps, with deliberate speed, to ensure that a supervisor
of elections is installed. 

This will ensure that the process of preparing for a by-election will
begin as early as possible, thereby avoiding any hitches and mis-
steps over the next 120 days, he says. 

The UPP is expecting to go to the polls by October 2023, since Kelvin
“Shugy” Simon, former MP for St Mary’s South, tendered his
resignation on June 7. 

The Office of Supervisor of Elections is a constitutional
establishment, and the Parliament has set the age of mandatory
retirement at 75 years.

While Dame Lorna reportedly has not yet reached that age, she
allegedly said she prefers to enjoy her retirement while she is still in
good health.