Mother appeals for public’s help to open missing son’s locked phone, since police claim their cyber lab is infested by mould

The family of Noah Hurst, the missing 24-year-old from Lightfoot, is
becoming increasingly frustrated at not receiving the required help
from the Police.

Noah went missing about three Tuesdays ago, immediately after
having spent quality time with his parents and sibling the night
before. The young man reportedly has vanished without a
trace, leaving his cell phone behind in his bedroom.

Since the matter was reported to the Police, there has been no
positive development in locating her son, says his mother, Maria
Hurst, and there has not been very much communication, either.

Usually, she says, it is she who would reach out to the officers and
also visit the police station, seeking updates on the investigation.
But nothing encouraging has been communicated to her so far.
In the meanwhile, Hurst says that little progress has been made in
getting information from her son’s cell phone, which is password

She says the device was taken to the Police; but, because of mould
allegedly infesting the cyber lab, nothing can be done with the phone
at this time.

Hurst is making an appeal to anyone who knows how to access
password-protected cell phones to contact her or her husband,  so
that they can check for clues related to her son’s whereabouts.
The mother is still hopeful that Noah will be found unharmed, and
returned to his family who loves and misses him.

The Mother and Father contact numbers are 784-0060 and 772-8018.