Public Safety minister congratulates police on arrest of suspects in violent crimes – including five underage boys

The Police are making progress in bringing to justice a number of people involved in recent violent crimes – including the May 22 murder of a Syrian businessman – and several of the accused are under the age of 18 years.

Two suspects have been held in connection with the Roti King robbery two Saturdays ago, during which a police officer was shot in the leg after he tried to interrupt that caper.

Additionally, Police have in custody five suspects who allegedly are connected to the recent daylight rape of a 46-year-old woman, which took place off the Friars Hill Road in the vicinity of Woods.  Reports say that one of the youth held is a 13-year-old, while two are 15 years old and the others are 17 years of age.

There was fresh outrage from members of the public upon learning that such violent crimes allegedly have been committed by mere boys.

Attorney-General Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin, minister of public safety, is expressing his appreciation, and that of the Cabinet, to the Police Force, praising officers for their speedy work in apprehending the suspects, particular those involved in the recent murder.

On Tuesday night, May 23, Benjamin met with the Syrian community, following the shooting death of businessman Roudi Shmaly, to discuss the rising crime situation.

Syrians make up a significant part of the country’s business sector; reportedly, they have said they are prepared, along with other businesspeople, to provide support to the Government’s crime-fighting efforts. 

Benjamin says that further talks will follow to fine-tune the ways in which they can assist with crime-fighting initiatives.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet reportedly has discussed the spike in gun crimes and is concerned about the manner in which illegal firearms are being smuggled into the country.

Therefore, it claims that law-enforcement officials have been directed to increase their monitoring of the airport and seaports.