Thieves continue to break and enter, making off with wine from hotel and household appliances from Catholic youth centre

Wine, electronics and food items are among a number of goods stolen from several premises, including a hotel.

Reports say the security manager at Mill Reef Club telephoned the Freetown Police Station and reported that some unknown person had broken into the Beach House Bar storeroom and stolen four bottles of red wine from the cooler. 

Reportedly, the perpetrator used a hard implement to pry open a western metal door to enter and steal the items.

Officers have reportedly processed the scene for prints and other evidence.

Meanwhile, the manager of the Catholic Church’s St. Lwanga Youth Centre, located at Stapleton Lane, telephoned the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and reported that the building had been broken into, and two 32” television sets, an electrical stove, an electric kettle, and food items had been stolen.

Entry to the building was gained through an eastern dormitory in order to access the conference room and a kitchen from which the items were stolen.

Reportedly, the intruders removed six glass panes from the dormitory window and made their way past the chapel to an eastern back door of the youth centre.

A cutting tool apparently was used to slash the metal mesh above the door and allow entry.

Officers reportedly conducted a search for the stolen items in the immediate surroundings, but without success.

In another incident, the proprietor of Christina’s Trendy Enterprise, located at the corner of Independence Drive and All Saints Road, reported to the CID the larceny of three cameras valued at $350 each. 

The perpetrators apparently removed the security devices from the western side of the business where they had been installed.