Lovell says a thorough overhaul of the electoral system is needed amidst admissions and accusations of voter padding

Subsequent to his call for voter transfers into St. Peter to be investigated, Prime Minister Gaston Browne is being challenged to look into such circumstances in other constituencies, as well.

The call has come from former Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP) Harold Lovell, who broke his more-than-three-month silence on Observer Radio on Wednesday, May 30.

This past weekend, Browne announced that there will be an investigation into the St. Peter registration list, which he is alleging was padded by independent MP Asot Michael to improve his chances at the polls.

But PM Browne, himself, recently admitted that voters were transferred out of his constituency to help colleagues gain leverage over their political opponents.

Accordingly, Lovell says the entire electoral system is in serious need of an overhaul, and notes that the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) has perfected the art of padding, by moving voters around.

He adds that the ALP will also try to concretize its win by outspending other political parties. Hence, the prime minister’s move to investigate his former colleague is only a diversion from his own actions.

Further, Lovell says, Browne’s own admission should automatically prompt an investigation into the 16 other constituencies.

Lovell says the time has again come for the people and the political parties to push for electoral reform, as was done prior to the 2004 General Election.

The former UPP political leader says the current list of voters is not clean and makes it possible for hanky-panky to take place.

The UPP has already said it is seeking a legal opinion on the prime minister’s pronouncements, and Lovell confirms this.  He assures the public that the Party is capable of dealing with this situation and will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure there is justice.