Concerned residents and clergy to hold a black march and vigil to remember the West Africans who lost their lives at sea

A Black March and Vigil is being planned for Thursday (13 April) to remember the victims of the ill-fated vessel that capsized off the coast of St. Kitts two weeks ago.  The vessel was reported to be carrying about 32 West Africans reportedly bound for St Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

The somber event later this week will bring together members of the clergy and concerned citizens and residents in raising awareness to the plight of all West Africans who became stranded in Antigua as passengers of Antigua Airways, with the hope of connecting flights to other destinations.

With the reality of not reaching their desired destination out of their reach, many are allegedly using other means to continue their travel.

One of the organizers of Thursday’s march and vigil is the United Progressive Party Mobilization Officer George Wehner, who is encouraging members of the public to show support.

The march moves off from the Multi-Purpose Centre at Perry Bay at 6:00pm.