Benefactor donates surveillance-camera system to address school security; expert says wired systems better than solar

With school security still being a cause of concern for educators and parents alike, the Government reportedly has received surveillance systems from an unnamed benefactor.

It was announced this week that the benefactor, who allegedly “has great love for Antigua and Barbuda, purchased a security system of cameras and monitoring devices to address the problem of security at schools.”

Reports say the system might be installed in a short period of time, thereby fulfilling the commitment of the Ministry of Education to provide a secure school environment.

Education institutions have been the ongoing targets of vandals, thieves and trouble-makers, causing the loss of thousands of dollars in damage and/or the replacement of stolen items. 

Accordingly, in addition to the reduction of crime on the school plants, Prime Minister Gaston Browne says the security cameras will help to deter violent behavior by the students, themselves.

He says that systems have already been installed in at least two secondary schools, with installation at two others expected shortly.

Meanwhile, a security expert claims that the cameras he observed at the Clare Hall Secondary are not appropriate for schools.

He says that wired systems are much better than the solar-powered ones, since those are motion detectors and pick up movement within a particular range.

According to him, a wired system would be much more effective, as it would record 24 hours a day and capture everything taking place on the compound – and not events in close proximity.

Further, he says, establishing a central monitoring location would be a much better way to keep check on the schools.  

However, he says the existing solar cameras could act as secondary recording devices, along with a wired system, for optimum results.