Heart-related ailments claimed the lives of two tourists, pathologist’s post-mortems conclude

Two separate post-mortem examinations conducted on the bodies of tourists who died here have been completed, with both showing they died from heart-related ailments.

Government pathologist Dr. Petra Miller-Nanton conducted the examinations on separate days at the Holberton Hospital Morgue.

Her examination of the body of 89-year-old John Mizsak of New Jersey determined that he had died as a result of myocardial infarction with other related conditions.

Mizsak, from Manchester township, New Jersey, passed away on Monday, January 29.  His inquest was held on February 7 by coroner Ngaio Emanuel-Edwards, along with a five-member jury panel.

Meanwhile, Dr. Miller-Nanton has concluded that 42-year-old Ian Glen Wilford of Canada died as a result of acute cardiac failure (heart failure with aspiration). 

While Wilford’s body had been identified by his father, Laurie Wilford, also of Canada, during the February 7 coroner’s inquest, it was identified for the post mortem by Roy Bento, honorary consul to Canada. 

Wilford, a guest staying at Jolly Harbour, died on January 25 during a diving expedition with his wife, Julie, and three other people, off Ffryes Beach.

At the conclusion of the post-mortem examinations, certificates were issued in both instances, outlining the cause of death.