Businessman discovers a $400-subtraction from cash left in closed, but unlocked, Bendals office

The Police are investigating the disappearance of money from a business in Bendals after it was discovered that there was no visible sign of a break-in at the premises.

Reports say the business owner reported the matter to the Bolans Police Station, alleging  that $400 had been stolen from his office.

The man claims that, on February 7, at about 9:45 a.m., he left his office door closed, but not locked, and departed from the premises.

Allegedly, he had left $1,200 in cash on top of an AC unit in his office; however, upon his return the following day, February 8, he discovered that $400 had been taken from the sum.

Officers examined the building but saw no signs of forced entry; however, it appeared that some unknown person had gained entry  via a southern door, which was closed but not locked.

A search was reportedly carried out for the missing money, but without success.