Two African visitors arrested on suspicion of conversion after police search Crosbies residence and find cash and documents

The Police have arrested two Africans on suspicion of fraudulent conversion after more than a dozen of their compatriots made a complaint against them.

A 39-year-old Nigerian man and his 32-year-old Cameroonian roommate were taken into custody on Thursday, February 16, following a search of their Crosbies residence.

Reports say that several police, including officers from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), went to the house at about 4 p.m. on the day in question and conducted a search of the property, which is occupied by six Africans, including the two suspects.

Reportedly, the four other occupants are all nationals of Cameroon.

According to further reports, during the search a black sling bag was found in the living room; it contained US currency, credit cards and other documents, as well as a laptop and charger belonging to the Cameroonian suspect.

Additionally, a brown envelope containing money and receipts – also belonging to him – was found in an upstairs bedroom, and another brown envelope containing documents belonging to the Nigerian suspect was found in another bedroom.

Both men were taken to the St. John’s Police Station along with the items found.

Reports say that, last week, the Police received a report from a number of the Africans stranded here, who alleged they had given money to another African – residing at Dickenson Bay – to obtain a charter flight back to Nigeria.

However, they claimed, they had not received their tickets or a refund of their money.

Reportedly, a total of 20 African nationals were allegedly scammed of over US$100,000.

Dozens of Africans have been gathering outside the St. John’s Police Station on a daily basis, attracting the attention of local residents.

It is not clear whether the crowd has to do with the alleged scam or with the visitors making applications for a police record, since, reportedly, many of them have been gaining employment here.

However, on Saturday, February 18, there were reports that a number of Africans were at the station to give statements in relation to the fraud.