Nurse implicated in vaccination-card fraud finds herself in trouble again, this time for reportedly forged cheques

Jahmesha Millwood, the nurse accused of fraud in connection with COVID-19 vaccination cards, has found herself in trouble with the law again – this time on allegations of forgery.

It is alleged that, on January 20, Millwood cashed two forged and stolen cheques at a  service station on Old Parham Road.

After the alleged fraud came to light, reports say, the credit controller at M&M Service Station went to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) on February 9 and reported that the woman had cashed two ACB cheques at the business and received over $2,000.

Reportedly, Millwood had gone to the establishment and presented two ACB cheques in the amount of $1,000 and $1,200, respectively, and received the cash.

When the cheques were later deposited to the business’ account at ECAB, it was discovered that they were forged – after having been stolen from a Crosbies residence.

Millwood is likely to face charges for this reported offence.

The disgraced nurse, said to be a Jamaica national, is already facing 21 counts of falsifying COVID-19 vaccination cards.  It is alleged that she forged and issued up to 50 of the fake cards for which she received a hefty sum.  

She was taken into police custody in November 2021 after officers got word of the scam, and the 30-year-old Bolans resident is currently on a $5,000 bail for that offence.

As a result, her licence to practice nursing in Antigua and Barbuda was revoked, reports say.

Meanwhile, the M&M Service Station was the target of another similar fraud, which,, again was reported to the Police by the credit controller/debt collector.

In this instance, a man is alleged to have cashed two ACB cheques belonging to City Blinds in the amount of $280 and $588, respectively, and these were later returned because of an irregular signature.

This incident reportedly occurred on November 24 at the Old Parham Road location.