A temporary Magistrate takes the bench in Civil Court to address backlog of cases

A temporary Magistrate has been appointed to deal with the backlog of hundreds of cases in the Civil Court.

Reports are that Dane Hamilton Jr. will be the new Magistrate sitting in the Civil Court as Craig Christopher is still out due to personal reasons.

Christopher has been absent from the bench for over a year.

A source says that hundreds of new matters have been filed, which Hamilton is expected to attempt to clear.

Reportedly, Christopher is due back in March; however, the source says that it is not expected that he would be able to clear all his old matters in addition to the new ones in a short period and therefore Hamilton’s appointment is timely.

According to the source, with two Magistrates, once Christopher returns, dealing with the high volume of cases now before the court, justice will be dispensed in a timely manner.

Hamilton’s tenure commences today (Monday, February 6, 2023).

He has been an attorney for over 10 years and therefore meets one of the qualifications for being able to be appointed as a Magistrate.

He has been working in his father’s Dane Hamilton Sr. law firm since leaving law school.

The Civil Court normally deals with disputes between people or businesses over money or some injury to personal rights.