Lewis says an attitude adjustment by Browne and his Cabinet is needed to facilitate a joint effort at rescuing the economy

The usual arrogant posture of Prime Minister Gaston Browne and his Cabinet is not the way to manage the country’s economic challenges, says newly elected member of Parliament Richard Lewis.

Many global experts are still predicting that the macro-economic situation will impact developing states, since there are still many

issues – including the continuing war in The Ukraine – affecting our micro economy.

Accordingly, the question being asked is how Antigua and Barbuda will navigate these rough waters.  

Lewis says it will take a different approach to governance, with all stakeholders working to ensure that the population, especially the most vulnerable, is not severely affected.

He says that a coming-together of the Government and the Opposition will be required in the interest of the citizenry.

Lewis notes that recent pronouncements by Prime Minister Browne will make it difficult to forge a cordial relationship with the Opposition, since his haughty attitude continues.

According to the United Progressive Party (UPP) representative, he thought that Browne would have taken a different approach to governance, given that he almost lost the election and now has only a one-seat majority in Parliament.

However, Lewis is hoping the prime minister can adjust his behaviour in the interest of the people, since they are the ones who will suffer.

But, in spite of what happens, he vows to continue fighting for the people of St. John’s Rural West and for Antigua and Barbuda on a whole.

Some pundits say this might be wishful thinking on Lewis’ part, since PM Browne is full of pride, which may eventually prove to be his undoing.