Elections are over, but Senator Joseph says his work in St. Mary’s North continues, since residents need the help

Senator Johnathan Joseph, the United Progressive Party (UPP) candidate for St. Mary’s North last elections, says his work is not done; and so he remains in the constituency, doing everything possible to help residents.

Mere days after the General Election, Joseph reports, he was out and about, getting things done.  And even though he lost at the polls, he will ensure that the needs of the vulnerable, the elderly and even the young are met. 

Having grown up in the Jennings community, Joseph says, he is very much aware of the suffering residents have experienced because of absent representation or leadership by Sir Molwyn Joseph,  who retained his seat by a mere 49 votes in the January 18 election.

Joseph charges that the constituency has faced over 30 years of neglect from Sir Molwyn, who has never done anything in the people’s interest and has failed to uplift the youth of the community.

Accordingly, the UPP senator says he will be looking to implement social programmes that meet the needs of the less fortunate and those whose suffering is greatest.

He says that healthcare is another area he will be addressing, since there are several serious challenges facing the constituency and the country as a whole.

According to Joseph, there needs to be some reform of the system, since healthcare is often beyond the reach of those who require it the most.

Many services are unavailable at the public hospital, and it is very costly for poor persons to adequately meet the health challenges they face, he says.

The senator says this is a cause he will be vigorously taking up, especially the condition of the community clinics, which are in a deplorable and dilapidated state island wide.