Stranded Antigua Airway visitors claim to be seeking refugee status in Antigua

A day after the Cabinet announced that chartered flights from the African continent were being halted, those Africans residing here are allegedly seeking refugee status.

The first flight from the continent arrived here on November 1, 2022 followed a series of other flights in December- at least four – around the Christmas holiday period.

The visitors were reportedly mostly from Cameroon and Nigeria and other parts of West Africa.

Now, reportedly a representative of Cameroon has penned a letter pleading with the Government of Antigua and Barbuda to grant them protection.

According to reports, they complain of not being happy here, but say due to the Civil War taking place in their homeland and various human rights violation they are fearful of being repatriated.

The group is suggesting that the Antigua and Barbuda government look for a way for them to leave Antigua; however, not to return to Africa.

They claim to have lost everything before embarking on their journey to the Caribbean via the Antigua Airways chartered flights, which they add was the only way for them to leave Africa.

 According to the Cameroonians, when they first heard of Antigua Airways they thought it was a God-send in order for the youths to have a chance at a better life and survival.

They claim that their lives are in danger if they were to be deported since many of them will be killed or jailed.

The West Africans are hoping that the Antigua and Barbuda Government along with other regional governments will grant them access to remain in the country by providing them with a document that will grant them refugee status at any port of entry and exit within the Caribbean.