Possession of cannabis and hashish, with intent to transfer, earns Yorks man a $20k fine or 18 months in prison

A Yorks Village man has been convicted and fined after pleading guilty to drug-possession charges.

Rasheen Roberts was taken before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh in the St. John’s Magistrates’ Court on charges of possession of 272.1 grammes of cannabis and 863 grammes of hashish.

He faced additional charges of possession of cannabis and possession of the hashish with intent to transfer.

After hearing the facts of the case and the mitigating plea, Chief Magistrate Walsh imposed on him a fine of $20,000.  Roberts was given until March to pay the sum in full or face imprisonment of 18 months.

The Yorks man paid $4,000 immediately and now has a balance of $16,000.

Reports say the Police had initially issued a search warrant at Roberts’ residence on January 9, at about 6:15 a.m., but nothing was found. However, later that same day, he was found with the illegal substances and was taken into custody, arrested and charged.

Meanwhile, Treon George of New Winthorpes has been placed on remand at His Majesty’s Prison on an armed-robbery charge.

The Police arrested and charged George for being armed with a knife when he robbed Kevin Kenton of US$100 and EC$55 in cash. He also faces a charge of larceny for $100 in cash taken from Ceco Pharmacy. 

These offences reportedly occurred on January 5 at the East Bus Station and High Street, respectively.