Amidst billboard destruction, ABEC officer decries level to which campaign has sunk

The Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC) is displeased with the level of campaigning now taking place, especially as it relates to the vandalism of billboards and other election paraphernalia.

This malicious activity appears to be becoming more prevalent, with the major political parties laying blame at each other’s feet for the destruction of materials.

Ian Hughes, the human resource and training officer with ABEC, says the Commission has held talks with the Police in an effort to bring this type of behaviour to a halt.

Hughes is also appealing to members of the public not to get caught up in this illegal act, since all ideas must contend.

Meanwhile, Hughes was asked whether he is concerned about the safety of the Commission’s staff during this election period. He explains that there are security personnel in place to accompany workers, especially during evening outings and on Election Day, itself.

The human resource and training officer says there is no need for campaigning at this level since we all have to live here after the elections are completed.

According to Hughes, “This too shall pass.”