Promoters of Christmas fetes need to submit tickets early and comply with Inland Revenue requirements, official advises

Entertainment promoters are being allowed an appeal to the Department in a timely manner in order to complete the processes required prior to hosting any event.

Several fetes and parties are being planned for the upcoming holiday season, and Jermaine Jarvis, Deputy Commissioner of the Inland Revenue Department, is reminding entertainment promoters that tickets for these events must be stamped.

Since this has to be done manually – as there is no machine to expedite the process – Jarvis notes that the earlier the tickets are received, the faster the promoters will be able to get them back.

He is also advising promoters to be sure they comply with those tax requirements that are necessary to secure an entertainment certificate.

Jarvis says that promoters who are non-compliant risk not being able to obtain the certificate, and this document is necessary for obtaining a liquor licence to host any function.

The Deputy Commissioner says the Department does not wish to prevent anyone from earning revenue, and so it will work along with the promoters.  He is advising that they do the same to ensure that the system flows smoothly.