Fraud allegations surround Antigua Airways’ December 23 flight; source fears scammers might be operating identical website

Allegations of fraud are being made against Antigua Airways, the Nigeria-based airline in which the Government of Antigua and Barbuda has shares.

The airline is locally registered, but is owned and operated by a Nigerian businessman who, to date, has been identified mainly by his company’s name: Marvelous Mike Press.

After investigations were done, says the person blowing the whistle on the airline, it appeared that there are two identical websites.  One is The other is 

Accordingly, the airline is being urged to confirm which is the official website, since it is possible that scammers have created a dummy website to defraud potential customers.

Today, December 16, REAL News received information that, one week ago, customers of the airline received what one person says is “a shocking email.”  

Reportedly, it informed that their reservations and all tickets issued to fly from Abuja, Nigeria, to Antigua and Barbuda, on December 23, are null and void.

The “whistle-blower” claims the airline apologized to its customers, stating that it could no longer offer its services at this time.

However, only four days after receiving that email notice, the person says, the company reportedly indicated that those who still wished to join the flight could reserve their seats, until December 13, and pay through another method,

Allegedly, customers were also informed that their original online payments had been cancelled and they would be refunded – not by Antigua Airways, but by a credit card-processing company.

Reportedly, the notice said that, although the refunds had been issued, they would not immediately appear on customers’ bank statements.

In the email, the whistle-blower alleges, the airline claims that its online-payment processor had advised that it could not process all the payments “because of the high risk on some of the card payments.”

Notwithstanding that, the source alleges that Antigua Airways provided a Canadian bank account to which customers were directed to make a cash deposit in order to secure their seat on the December 23 flight, and claimed that other customers were waiting in line to book.

The whistle-blower further claims that the managing director of the airline is named on the federal corporation registered by Corporations Canada, and he appears to be connected to the owner of Antigua Airways.

Meanwhile, the source says it is curious that the airline has not made any effort to advertise its December 23 flight; yet, allegedly, it is claiming that all 251 seats are booked – and customers are being pressured to pay for the flight again.

“It’s suspicious that the airline can cancel customers’ reservations, not issue a refund, and then demand customers pay again,” the whistle-blower says.

Finally, the source says the Government of Antigua and Barbuda does not seem to know exactly who it “has gotten in bed with and if such scandals will harm the country’s s reputation.”

The person claims that the airline’s customers plan to file complaints “with the Nigerian, Canadian and Antigua and Barbuda governments about the airline’s poor business practices.”

Just recently, Government Spokesperson Lionel “Max” Hurst confirmed that the airline was unable to offer scheduled service between Antigua and Barbuda and Nigeria because it had not received an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA).

Reports are that the ECCAA was requiring far more information than has been forthcoming from the airline, following submissions for the certificate.  The airline reportedly was moving towards meeting those guidelines so that it could become a regular carrier.

In the interim, the Browne Administration had indicated that Antigua Airways would continue to operate as a charter service until it receives official clearance.