Isaac points to Pigotts Main Road as prime example of neglect and asks whether persons are benefiting from poor condition

Chairman of the United Progressive Party (UPP) D. Gisele Isaac is complaining about the huge potholes in roads across the island, as well as the wastage of water on account of broken pipes, and she is asking whether someone is making money from these issues.

Isaac says the Pigotts Main Road is a prime example of neglect.

She notes that attempts were recently made to fill a huge crater at the corner leading into the village, but says the effort was futile since the asphalt has been washed away by flowing water. 

Isaac says the pothole is so huge that motorists cannot avoid it if there is oncoming traffic, but must maneuver carefully through it.

That pothole might be the result of a broken pipe which has been leaking water onto the road for quite a while, Isaac says.

In the meanwhile, Isaac is wondering whether proper maintenance is not being undertaken because persons might be benefiting financially from the disrepair.