Pringle promises motorists that Ministry of Works and quality of infrastructure will be upgraded under a UPP Administration

A more efficient Ministry of Works and proper infrastructural work to upgrade the roads and drainage system are among the promises being made by the United Progressive Party (UPP).

The Party’s Deputy Political Leader, MP Jamale Pringle, says the roads – many of which are now being fixed, ahead of the general elections – are in a deplorable state.

Pringle says the roadways are not suitable even for animal transportation, never mind vehicles. And he assures residents that a UPP Administration is committed to upgrading the infrastructure in communities across the country and addressing issues promptly.

Pringles also reminds residents that the Gaston Browne Administration spent millions of dollars to purchase equipment that was already being used by the Ministry of Works to repair roads.

Therefore, he is curious to know how – with additional equipment –the roads were allowed to deteriorate to such a degree.  He notes that residents are complaining about spending hundreds of dollars to fix their vehicles on account of the bad roads.

As citizens and residents of this country, Pringle says, we should not sit back and allow the Government to trample on our right to have the basic necessities that it was elected to provide.