UPP and BPM team up for ‘Relief and Recovery Rally’ at historic Thwaites Corner and Wehner says event is not to be missed

The hype is coming to a climax for the United Progressive Party’s “Relief and Recovery” Rally slated for tonight, November 17, at the famous Thwaites Corner.
George Wehner, UPP Mobilization Officer, is inviting residents to come out to the traditional political stomping ground and hear the Candidates expound on the Party’s plans to move the country forward.
He says the rally will begin promptly at 8 p.m.; however, as is the norm, there will be a pre-show.
In addition to the UPP Candidates, Wehner says that representatives of the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM) will be on the platform, since there are many issues affecting the sister-island.
Accordingly, he says this rally is not one to be missed.
In the meantime, the Mobilization Officer says that traffic along the lower section of All Saints Road, and the junctions at Thwaites Corner, will be closed this afternoon to accommodate setting up for the meeting.
Therefore, drivers are advised to plan their route to get back home this evening, since there will be traffic disruptions in that area.
Wehner says the rally will be broadcast via a wide cross-section of the Party’s social-media platforms, as well as on Progressive FM and Observer Radio.