Senior officer reportedly tipped to replace Prison Superintendent, as current deputy is passed over

Acting Prison Superintendent Jermaine Anthony reportedly is spending his last days in that position, as Senior Prison Officer Grant Beggs is said to be taking over command of the penal institution on December 1, 2022.

Sources say that Beggs has been in the service for about 15 years and reportedly enjoys the support of his peers at His Majesty’sPrison.

However, the sources also claim that Beggs has “leap-frogged” over another officer who has served as deputy  to the past three Superintendents of the Prison, and who will continue in that role.

Sources within the Ministry of National Security claim that Anthony’s tenure has been disappointing, as he has not able to transform the institution according to the Minister’s wishes.

Recent investigations revealed a shocking amount of contraband inside the cells, while a widely circulated video captured how banned items are hoisted over the prison walls.

Inmates were also implicated in the break-in of a Digicel store downtown  after stolen display phones turned up inside the prison.

Things came to a head in October, when several officers staged a protest outside 1735, as the Prison is called, complaining about the conditions under which they work and the prisoners live.

Among the things for which they called out the authorities was the suppression of a report on the Prison, said to have been deliberately “buried.”

Sources tell REAL News that only three copies of the Report were made and delivered to senior figures in the Administration.  However, they say the content of the report is damning and shows up not only the management of His Majesty’s Prison, but even members of the legal profession and the judiciary.

Meanwhile, our Newsroom has not been able to determine to which position or department Anthony has been transferred.