Rain wreaks havoc on bad road conditions in St. Mary’s North and students, teachers, and motorists are paying the price

Combined with the rainy weather, the incomplete road work in the southern part of the island – in particular in the Ebenezer-Jennings area – is causing great inconvenience to residents and grief to motorists, says Senator Johnathan Joseph.

Joseph, the United Progressive Party Candidate for St. Mary’s North, reports that, following the heavy rains that fell this week, students and teachers of both the Jennings Secondary and Primary Schools had a difficult time under the road conditions.

Reportedly, on Monday, there was an accumulation of mud in front of the secondary institution, which created a safety hazard for the students, who allegedly were slipping, sliding and falling as they attempted to enter the compound.

The Senator says that, almost a year after the work was started by the contractor, C.O. Williams, the main road through the villages is still dug up in certain places – including in front of the South Mall – while the resurfacing work elsewhere remains incomplete.

Drivers are especially challenged by the manholes that protrude – by several inches – above the road’s surface, with many persons saying they are not inclined to risk driving at night.

Meanwhile, the UPP Candidate says that the road designated as a detour whenever work is being undertaken “is in a deplorable condition.” 

If this is to be used as an alternate route for any time, he says, commonsense would dictate that it be brought up to a standard that makes the detour less challenging.

Given the toll the roads have taken on their vehicles, Joseph says, there are Southside residents who wish to trade them in.  However, he says, they are reluctant to upgrade their vehicles until the road repairs have been completed altogether.

Meanwhile, at the Bendals Primary School, Joseph says the premises were a mess on Monday, again because of the rain.  The teachers parking area; the paths used by the children to get to their classrooms and the rest rooms; and the route taken by the School Meals delivery van all proved challenging, the Senator says.

He adds that some parents residing in Bathlodge did not even bother sending their children to classes on Monday on account of the road conditions.

Joseph lays the blame for the bad roads on Sir Molwyn Joseph, who, he notes, has been the parliamentary representative for St. Mary’s North for 33 out of 38 years, but has failed to advocate for the people. 

These roads – added to the joblessness; the irregular garbage collection; the shortage of street-lights; the high incidence of house-breakings; and the number of residents needing řspecialist care, but not being able to access it – amount to a failing grade for Sir Molwyn, the Senator says, and are enough reason for constituents to remove him from office.