Police Superintendent reportedly tipped to replace Weaver; but Fire Department officers said to prefer an inside man

Inside sources allege that Fire Chief Elvis Weaver will finally retire at the end of the year and that a Superintendent of Police is tipped to succeed him.

The Superintendent is said to be moving over to the Fire Department as of Wednesday, November 2, to understudy Weaver, who will retire officially on December 31.

Weaver, the longest-serving Fire Chief, had been granted two extensions of time to facilitate the separation of the Fire Department from the Police Force, as has long been recommended. However, insiders say nothing has been done to advance the separation since.

Two officers were previously identified as likely successors to Weaver; however, it is alleged that one man expressed his unwillingness to hold the position.

The sources claim he is unhappy that the retirement age of public servants was extended, since he had long expressed his intention to retire as soon as he reached the age of 60 – and that time has passed.

The other officer reportedly has fallen out of favour with the Administration and the Police Service Commission over his political views.

Meanwhile, the sources claim there is simmering resentment among the rank and file of the Fire Department, who, reportedly, are supporting a certain superintendent within the Department to replace the outgoing Chief.

They say the man tipped to replace Weaver has never served in the Fire Department, although he is said to have held a senior position at the Sir Wright George Police Academy and is a veteran of more than 35 years with the Force.