Senator Joseph concerned that young persons’ search for employment is stalled by police record and calls for a review

A call made by the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. Mary’s North continues to bear fruit, as he has been able to assist a number of persons to find gainful employment.
In order to help reduce unemployment – especially among persons living in his constituency – Senator Johnathan Joseph made an appeal to businesses, asking that they contact him to source potential workers.
A number of employers responded to the call; and, more than two weeks later, Joseph says, persons are still making contact to assist young people in finding employment.
That the UPP is not in office will not be a deterrent, he says, and it will not prevent him from helping those most in need.
Joseph says he embarked on this initiative after hearing the plight of the people, many of whom are still unemployed since losing their jobs during the pandemic.
He notes that the Government has not offered any relief to these struggling individuals, to date.
Meanwhile, the UPP Candidate says, he is concerned about one thing that has come to light through his venture: Due to the fact that some employers require applicants to present a police record, some persons were not successful in gaining employment, he says.
Accordingly, Joseph believes that the time frame in which a person’s record is expunged – especially for “petty” offences – should be reviewed.