Smith recalls glory days of Freeman’s Village Football Club and says he is happy to be part of its revitalization effort

The once-flourishing Freeman’s Village Football Club is being revitalized, thanks to the assistance of Anthony Smith, Jr., the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for All Saints West.
Smith reports that the youth of Freeman’s Village came together a few weeks ago and decided to restart the football club. He says he was overjoyed to hear of their interest and was invited to be a part of the venture.
Smith recalls that, as a youngster, he travelled to the community on numerous occasions to watch football, and he remembers that Freeman’s Village was the first and best night league in the sport.
However, he says he was appalled at the condition of the playing field when he was invited to accompany the young people. Smith says the grass on the field was above his knees, therefore making the grounds useless for anything.