Senator Lewis dismisses claim that ALP candidate is ahead in Rural West, saying that is not what he hears on the ground

Senator Richard Lewis is dismissing claims by the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) that its candidate, Senator Gail Christian, is leading in the St. John’s Rural West constituency.

At various times, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has said the ALP has conducted polls that show it is ahead in all constituencies, including Barbuda.  As recently as last Sunday, October 9, he reiterated that claim in a television interview.

However, Lewis, the UPP Candidate in Rural West, is asking what poll, exactly, is suggesting that he is trailing the ALP contender. He says he has been interacting with people on the ground and, based on his conversations, Christian is not ahead.

According to Lewis, his poll does not factor only the promises of constituents to vote for him; rather, it is based on comprehensive research that takes several factors into account.

Lewis is also confident that at least two of his three opponents will not be “getting back their deposits.”