Three attempted break-ins at downtown stores fail, while intruder is successful in entering one and stealing cash

Several attempted break-ins at stores in the City are being investigated, as well as the theft of money from one business. Reports say these incidents all took place at around the same time earlier this week.

In one instance, the proprietor of Island Original, located at the corner of St. Mary’s and Market Streets, advised the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) that someone had attempted to break into his business place.

Reportedly, the would-be intruder used a hard implement to pry open the deadbolt lock on a glass door, which caused it to become compromised. However, the person’s efforts were fruitless, as he was unable to gain entry into the building.

In another incident, someone attempted to enter the Little Pumpkin, located on Market Street, but was also unsuccessful.

Again, the intruder used a hard implement to pry the cylindrical lock off a glass door, but he was unable to gain entry into the store.

Meanwhilethe supervisor of Harper’s, located at the corner of High and Market Streets, reported an attempt to break into that business place, as well.  

As with the other attempts, this one had the same mode of operation: A hard implement was used to pry off a door strip, but entry into the building was again denied.

In the meantime, Slippers Plus, located on the corner of Redcliffe Street and Corn Alley, was broken into and $800 was stolen.

In this instance, the perpetrator pried a deadbolt lock off a northern door.  Having gained entry into the business place, the intruder took the money from a cash register.