Cops investigate sexual assaults alleged by sister-in-law and by minor girl’s mother

Two sexual offences are now under investigation by the Police – one involving a minor girl and the other a grown woman.

Reports say that officers at the All Saints Police Station were notified that a man had attempted to sexually fondle his sister-in-law.

Further reports say that a struggle then ensued and the woman managed to get away.  She ran into the bathroom and locked herself away until her sister arrived home.

At that time, reports say, the two sisters went over to the neighbour’s house, where they waited until the Police arrived.

Allegedly, the accused was interviewed by the Police and denied the allegation.  However, he was detained and taken to the St. John’s Police Station pending further investigations.

This offence reportedly occurred on the night of October 4.

Meanwhile, an offence of unlawful sexual intercourse involving a 14-year-old girl is being investigated.

The teenager was allegedly assaulted by a man with whom she is familiar, on October 3, at 6:45 p.m.

A neighbour reportedly telephoned the Special Victims Unit on behalf of the child’s mother and reported that the teenager had had sexual intercourse with the adult man.

Reports are that both the child and her mother were questioned by the Police, and a physical examination by the district doctor was set for October 4.