Thieves make off with cash and cheques from supermarket; a family’s washing machine; and a farmer’s fencing wire 

The Police are investigating several larcenies, one involving a business in St. John’s, another a household, and the third a Christian Valley farm.

Reports say the Oriental Choice Supermarket on lower All Saints Road was the target of thieves, who broke into the supermarket and stole a cash register containing a large sum of money, as well as two open cheques.

Officers carried out a search of the surroundings for the cash register, but without success.

The intruders reportedly gained access to the building via an eastern awning window, using a hard implement to smash it and create a space large enough to fit through.

In the meantime, a resident of West Palm Beach in Bolans received a shock when she discovered that her Daewoo washing machine had been stolen from the eastern side of the house where it was usually kept.  The item reportedly is valued at $2,000.

The offence occurred overnight as the woman and her family slept.

Reportedly the perpetrators had disconnected the power supply and water hose from the machine before stealing it.

Meanwhile, another villager reported to the Bolans Police Station that two rolls of fencing wire, valued at $850, had been stolen from his farm at Christian Valley.

A search was carried out for the stolen material, but without success, according to reports.