Urologist encourages men to know their prostate health status at public screening slated for tomorrow

The annual prostate cancer screening returns to the Lion’s Den tomorrow (Saturday, August 13) after a two-year hiatus owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The project started over 13 years ago after Urologist Dr. Dwayne “Baba” Thwaites became worried about the number of deaths in Antigua and Barbuda from prostate cancer and decided to team up with a number of other healthcare professionals and members of the Lions Club to host the annual event.

Dr. Thwaites says during the two-year break he was pleased that a number of men visited his office for regular health checks.

Dr. Thwaites says that as a result of the heightened awareness of prostate cancer in Antigua and Barbuda and the Eastern Caribbean more men are coming out on a regular routine basis to be re-examined.

He notes that early detection, through these screenings, can save a life, since the cure rate is 95 percent.

According to the urologist, his data show that Adventist men are presenting more frequently with the disease. He surmised that one reason could be that they miss the Saturday screenings, the day

observed as their Sabbath.

He says in order to facilitate these men he is contemplating extending the screenings to a Sunday or another day during the week.

Some of the risk factors for prostate cancer are race, age, and genetics.

The screenings will commence tomorrow at 8 am. There was a pre-registration during this week at the Lion’s Den at a cost of $25, to help offset the costs.