Four Greenbay homes destroyed in Monday-morning fire; residents say man suspected to have died in the blaze

Unconfirmed reports say that a man suspected of starting a fire in the Greenbay community this morning died in the blaze that completely destroyed four homes and reportedly left 16 people homeless.

At about 11:35 a.m., a resident told REAL News the Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) crew had just arrived on the scene.

The serious fire, aided by strong winds, reportedly began in the house in which the man is rumoured to have died. Residents say that two of his children were subsequently removed from the scene of destruction in an ambulance.

While there are complaints that the response of the Fire Department’s single tender was inadequate, other persons say the challenge was getting a second truck close enough to fight the fire. Reportedly, the narrow road was congested with parked cars.

Residents were the first responders in this instance, allegedly throwing buckets of water on the blaze, albeit in vain.