Traffic Head warns motorists who fail to report accidents that they will be pursued and charged for that illegal act

Yet again, the Police are warning motorists that it is illegal not to report an accident within 24 hours of being involved in any collision. 

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Rodney Ellis, Head of the Traffic Department, issued this reminder after several traffic accidents were not reported, but recorded and circulated via social media.

Provided that the vehicles’ registration numbers can be determined from these videos, Ellis says, the owners will have to answer to charges, since the Police will be pursuing them.

Ellis notes that leaving the scene of an accident can also make it difficult for an owner to file an insurance claim for damage to his vehicle, or to other property, since, in most cases, a police report is required.

Ellis says that reminders are issued daily, during the traffic-guide media programmes, advising motorists that reporting an accident is important and the Police need to investigate.

He notes, here, that accidents are not always caused by speeding; neither are they always the direct fault of the driver.

The Traffic Head acknowledges that, sometimes, brakes might fail; the steering wheel might have some difficulty; or a tyre could be blown out. In such cases, he says, the Police are willing to offer assistance and guidance. 

However, leaving the scene of an accident is different, as it is then considered an illegal act.