CBH apologizes to Governor-General, students and audience for inspector’s interruption of AGHS graduation

The actions of Senior Public Health Inspector Emile Floyd have caused his employer to offer an apology to those whom he offended during the Antigua Girls High School graduation exercise on Wednesday, June 28.

The Central Board of Health (CBH) has apologized for Floyd’s interruption of the ceremony at which Governor-General Sir Rodney Williams was present.

Citing a breach of COVID-19 protocols, Floyd is said to have halted the exercise, held at the Spring Gardens Moravian Church, while the guest speaker was being introduced.

Audience members said he was removed from the church by a police officer, the Governor-General’s aide-de-camp.

In a press release issued by CBH, the Ministry of Health and, by extension, the Public Health Inspectorate strongly condemned Floyd’s actions, saying they do not reflect the collective attitude of the department.

An assurance was given that such an incident will not be repeated.

Reportedly, the incident caused some embarrassment to Sir Rodney. Accordingly, an apology also had to be extended to the Governor-General, dignitaries, principal, staff, graduates, students, parents and guardians who witnessed the incident.

The public has been highly critical of Floyd’s actions. Residents have asked whether any of the fetes held, to date – at which hundreds of people are seen partying close together – have been held to the same standards as the graduation, which obviously had fewer people.

Reports say the graduates were allowed to invite only three guests and some audience members already were wearing masks.

Other media sources have reported that Floyd’s temporary appointment as Acting Chief Health Inspector has been rescinded and he has been returned to his substantive position.