Note left at a Golden Grove residence threatens the life of a police constable; two other residents make similar reports

A police officer’s life reportedly has been threatened via a note left on the property of one of his relatives.

A source tells REAL News that the police constable’s aunt made the discovery of the anonymous note pushed in the door of her Golden Grove home.

The woman is said to have contacted the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) immediately and made a report, and the Police now have the threatening note in their possession.

This incident is believed to have occurred between 8 p.m. on June 27 and 7:20 a.m. on June 28.

Other incidents of a threatening nature reportedly have occurred in recent weeks.

According to a source, in one instance a woman heard a noise in her yard and went to a window to inquire. Looking outside, she alleges that she saw a male, dressed in dark clothing, who pointed a gun at her and then made a “cut-throat” sign.

A handwritten note was later discovered beneath a bottle, next to a black water tank in the yard.

In another case, it is alleged that an intruder was disturbed while trying to enter a house. Reportedly, he fled the scene, but left behind a threatening note attached to the door of a rabbit hutch.

Both of these offences reportedly occurred, days apart, on the Bendals Road.