Police say they are not involved in Immigration Dept investigation, but do not deny that a probe is underway

The Police are refuting a REAL News report that they are involved in an investigation taking place within the Immigration Department.

On Thursday, June 2, Correspondent George Wehner reported that three senior immigration officers are under investigation for fraudulent activities related to their job and that officers had conducted searches of their homes.

However, in a media release, the Police are denying that any such searches of any member of the Immigration Department took place.

“The Immigration Department, as a law-enforcement agency, has the authority and the capability of conducting its own internal investigation, and if necessary, may request assistance from the police,” the statement says.

Accordingly, the Force says it is not conducting or assisting in any investigation of alleged corruption of senior immigration officers.

Ironically, a legal source is advising REAL News to “stand by” its report, and confirms that the investigations have to do with the sale of an Immigration stamp at the airport.

It is alleged that such a stamp – which would show that a person has left the island – was sold to a Jamaican woman for $3,000.

The Immigration Department has not denied the report – which has also been the subject of discussion on social media and corroborated by current and former members of staff.

Meanwhile, sources in that agency tell REAL News that morale among Immigration officers is very low.

They say that management of the Department appears to be beyond the capacity of its head, whom they accuse of being “petty and vindictive and a bigot” who clearly favours certain races.

One employee says he is “waiting on Minister E.P. Chet Greene,” under whose portfolio Immigration falls, “to step in and do something to fix the situation.”