Christian Valley man, 35, pleads guilty to possession of marijuana and is fined $4,000 in All Saints Court

Hue Andrew has been convicted and fined for possession of marijuana.

Andrew appeared in the All Saints Magistrates Court before Magistrate Ngaio (pronounced NAYO) Emanuel-Edwards and pleaded guilty to possession of 749 grammes of cannabis.

He was fined $4,000, which has to be paid within six months, or in default he will be incarcerated for six months at Her Majesty’s Prison.

Andrew, 35, was arrested and charged after police officers from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and the K-9 Unit executed a search warrant at his Christian Valley home early Sunday morning, May 22.

During a search, the officers found the illegal substance and Andrew was taken into custody.

While the Police and the Customs Task Force, in particular, have been aggressively investigating and confiscating illegal drug stashes, residents are complaining that there has been no official word on a break-in at the St. John’s Port, from which four barrels were reportedly removed from a locked container.

The barrels are suspected to have contained drug or firearms and, to date, there have been no reports of arrests or charges being laid, although the four invaders allegedly were captured on surveillance camera.

The official silence has led some residents to believe that the heist was orchestrated from the inside and the contents of the barrels belong to persons “connected” to persons in political authority.