Reopen the Community Access Centres and stop practicing petty politics, Pringle tells the Browne Administration

Leader of the Opposition Jamale Pringle is making a call for the Gaston Browne regime to reopen the Computer Access Centres put in place by the United Progressive Party Administration.

These centres were constructed in communities around the country for the use of students and other residents who did not have access to computers or Internet services at home.  The centres enabled them to get projects done and undertake homework assignments.

The initiative was progressing well until the Antigua Labour Party Administration took office in 2014 and closed them.

Pringle accuses the Government of discontinuing projects that obviously were benefiting the people, and he is now calling for the centres to be reopened. 

He says the Computer Access Centres are needed, especially at this time, when many people are unemployed and their Internet services have been disconnected – placing children, especially, at a disadvantage.

The Opposition Leader and MP for All Saints East and St. Luke says that constituents have approached him, asking for a centre to be opened in Old Road.

Pringle says it is time for the Browne Administration to move away from its style of petty politics.  He notes that it places a burden on taxpayers when one administration does one thing and the other discontinues it because it was not their idea.

The Computer Access Centres were among several innovations implemented by Dr. Edmond Mansoor, Telecommunications Minister under the UPP Administration.