Conflict resolution must be taught at the school level, says Inspector Thomas, to curb aggression and prevent violence

Inspector Frankie Thomas is suggesting that conflict resolution be added to the school curriculum in light of the recent violence involving young people and the number of murders in 2021. 

Thomas says that most of the incidents resulting in serious injuries last year could have been avoided if persons knew how to properly deal with, and avoid, conflict.

Unfortunately, he says, many people are quicker to grab a weapon to settle a matter than they are to talk it through.

Therefore, the senior officer says, this situation should be tackled from the school level, at which young people can be taught to deal with conflict.

If this is not done, then our young people will maintain a high level of aggression and not know how to settle their grievances without fighting, Thomas says.

Accordingly, parents and the authorities must get more involved in this aspect of children’s lives.