People’s Benefit Card experienced temporary glitch, Louard explains, but programme continues to be financially sound

Laurie Louard, Operations Manager for PDV-CAB, is clearing the air regarding reports that some vendors are not accepting the cards issued by the People’s Benefit Programme.

Under this programme, vulnerable persons receive $215 monthly, via an electronic card, with which they can purchase food items from selected outlets.

However, a number of beneficiaries took to the airwaves between last Saturday, April 23, and Tuesday, April 26, complaining that the cards were not being accepted by vendors.

Accordingly, many are fearful that the programme does not have sufficient resources to continue the initiative.

However, Louard says he is not aware of authorized vendors not accepting the cards.  He acknowledges that there was a glitch in the programme’s system, but this was rectified last Friday, April 22.

Meanwhile, the Operations Manager is apologizing to those beneficiaries who might have been embarrassed as a result of their cards not being accepted.

He assures the public that this issue has been sorted out and that PDV-CAB will continue to work along with its partners to ensure such glitches will not become a persistent issue.

Meanwhile, Louard says there are contact numbers on which both the vendors and beneficiaries can report any difficulties.

This social programme has been in existence since 2008 and was an initiative of the Baldwin Spencer Administration to assist vulnerable persons.  It caters for more than 2,000 people on a monthly basis.

Based on the mathematics, Louard says, the PDV-CAB has made a worthwhile investment in the programme, and everything humanly possible will be done to ensure its sustainability.