Pringle protests neglect of his constituency, once again, and calls authorities to pay attention to Follies infrastructure

Jamale Pringle, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for All Saints East and St. Luke, says the Browne Administration continues to neglect his constituency, but is making an urgent call for attention to be paid to the infrastructure at Follies.

Once again, Pringle is complaining that the roads and drains in that community are deplorable, and every move he makes to address the issue and assist residents is being stymied by the government authorities.

Prior to the last election, the MP says, some road works were begun, but they were never finished.  Accordingly, the situation remains the same going into another general election four years after.

Pringle says that in some areas where there are no homes, proper infrastructure has been put in place; and, yet, the people of Follies are still struggling to get proper roads.

He says that other areas in the constituency have been neglected in similar fashion.

Just like residents in other parts of this country, the people of All Saints East and St. Luke are tax payers and deserve better, Pringle says.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader is asking why it is that only government officials are able to access the resources of the State for their development.

He is referring to the water-tank distribution initiative that the Browne Administration has hijacked from the UPP.