PM Browne announces that he has contracted COVID-19, but has mild symptom only, and expects to be to work soon

Health officials have begun contact tracing to locate persons who have recently been around Prime Minister Gaston Browne and ask them to enter quarantine.

On Saturday, April 9, Browne announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19, in spite of being fully vaccinated and having received a booster shot.

He says he received his positive result on Friday, April 8, and then had it confirmed on Saturday, April 9.

Browne says he is doing fine, except for being a bit congested, and is taking decongestants.

The Prime Minister is praising the vaccine for his mild symptoms and stresses the importance of being vaccinated.

Browne says that other members of his family have tested negative for the virus, and he is confident that he will be cleared in a few days to return to the office.

Some residents have stated frankly that they do not believe Browne has contracted the virus and that his announcement is simply a ploy to generate sympathy.